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Posted on: 05-30-13 11:35 AM     Posted by: Excelsior[DDZ]


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Introducing: Excelsior Bridge
Posted on: 04-08-13 04:57 PM     Posted by: Excelsior[DDZ]


This is a bridge that I have spent a LOT of time putting together on my own. I am still adding to it a little at a time, but I figured others may want some of the same as a start.

I have removed the towers and included the code for the bridge itself. PBX can travel underneath the bridge without issues.

Open your dayz_mission.pbo\mission.sqm file and insert this code in after the class Markers area. It should look like the following(partial file shown):


<?php  ------IGNORE THE PHP FLAG ABOVE------     class Markers     {         items=7;         class Item0         {             position[]={7839.6055,381.33774,8414.7324};             name="center";             type="Empty";         };         class Item1         {             position[]={-18697.58,379.53012,25815.256};             name="respawn_west";             type="Empty";         };         class Item2         {             position[]={4932.3345,0.39950246,1989.1094};             name="spawn0";             type="Empty";         };         class Item3         {             position[]={2236.0391,0.63119155,1923.3735};             name="spawn1";             type="Empty";         };         class Item4         {             position[]={8738.1328,0.45720705,2122.1082};             name="spawn2";             type="Empty";         };         class Item5         {             position[]={10909.267,0.57597214,2422.3096};             name="spawn3";             type="Empty";         };         class Item6         {             position[]={13510.764,0.44504455,5249.3027};             name="spawn4";             type="Empty";         };     };     class Vehicles     {         items=12;         class Item0         {             side="EMPTY";             id=1;             position[]={13225.278, -6.04891593431.5159};             vehicle="land_nav_pier_m_2";             azimut=56.571701;             lock="LOCKED";             init="this setPosASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, 0]; this setpos [13225.278, 3431.5159, -3.1];";         };         class Item1         {             side="EMPTY";             id=2;             position[]={13247.008, -6.15350723398.5906};             vehicle="land_nav_pier_m_2";             azimut=56.571701;             lock="LOCKED";             init="this setPosASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, 0]; this setpos [13247.008, 3398.5906, -3.1];";         };         class Item2         {             side="EMPTY";             id=3;             position[]={13203.401, -6.29944473464.7751};             vehicle="land_nav_pier_m_2";             azimut=56.571701;             lock="LOCKED";             init="this setPosASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, 0]; this setpos [13203.401, 3464.7751, -3.1];";         };         class Item3         {             side="EMPTY";             id=4;             position[]={13181.671, -6.17855413497.7451};             vehicle="land_nav_pier_m_2";             azimut=56.571701;             init="this setPosASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, 0]; this setpos [13181.671, 3497.7451, -3.1];";         };         class Item4         {             side="EMPTY";             id=5;             position[]={13159.978, -6.30311543530.6299};             vehicle="land_nav_pier_m_2";             azimut=56.571701;             init="this setPosASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, 0]; this setpos [13159.978, 3530.6299, -3.1];";         };         class Item5         {             side="EMPTY";             id=6;             position[]={13138.261, -5.99141263563.5496};             vehicle="land_nav_pier_m_2";             azimut=56.571701;             init="this setPosASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, 0]; this setpos [13138.261, 3563.5496, -3.1];";         };         class Item6         {             side="EMPTY";             id=7;             position[]={13116.587, -6.16115143596.4583};             vehicle="land_nav_pier_m_2";             azimut=56.571701;             init="this setPosASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, 0]; this setpos [13116.587, 3596.4583, -3.1];";         };         class Item7         {             side="EMPTY";             id=8;             position[]={13094.851, -6.06379943629.364};             vehicle="land_nav_pier_m_2";             azimut=56.571701;             init="this setPosASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, 0]; this setpos [13094.851, 3629.364, -3.1];";         };         class Item8         {             side="EMPTY";             id=9;             position[]={13073.158, -6.18993283662.2742};             vehicle="land_nav_pier_m_2";             azimut=56.571701;             lock="LOCKED";             init="this setPosASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, 0]; this setpos [13073.158, 3662.2742, -3.1];";         };         class Item9         {             side="EMPTY";             id=10;             position[]={13051.535, -6.3764713695.0833};             vehicle="land_nav_pier_m_2";             azimut=56.571701;             lock="LOCKED";             init="this setPosASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, 0]; this setpos [13051.535, 3695.0833, -3.1];";         };         class Item10         {             side="EMPTY";             id=11;             position[]={13029.813, -6.15215023728.052};             vehicle="land_nav_pier_m_2";             azimut=56.571701;             lock="LOCKED";             init="this setPosASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, 0]; this setpos [13029.813, 3728.052, -3.1];";         };         class Item11         {             side="EMPTY";             id=12;             position[]={13260.079, -3.07273943378.8081};             vehicle="land_nav_pier_m_2";             azimut=56.571701;             lock="LOCKED";             init="this setPosASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, -2.5]; this setpos [13260.079, 3378.8081, -3.0727394];";         };     }; }; class Intro ------IGNORE THE PHP FLAG BELOW------  ?>

Ventrilo change to Mumble
Posted on: 12-31-12 11:22 AM     Posted by: Excelsior[DDZ]

We have decided to switch out from Ventrilo to Mumble as of today.

Port: 24430

The password will not change once it is applied.

New DayZ Server, hosted by us!
Posted on: 08-23-12 01:45 AM     Posted by: Excelsior[DDZ]

We have purchased a DayZ server and will have information available here once it is up and ready. Standby for information.

New nVidia drivers!
Posted on: 11-17-09 06:20 PM     Posted by: Excelsior[DDZ]

Nvidia has released new beta drivers for its GeForce family of graphics chips on 11/17. Among other things the beta drivers add new SLI support for a number of recently released PC games such as Borderlands, Modern Warfare 2, and others.

Evil Dead to Rise Again to Theaters in 2010
Posted on: 11-07-09 07:29 PM     Posted by: Excelsior[DDZ]


Before there was Spider-Man, Sam Raimi began his multi-billion dollar career with little more than $375,000 and a script for a schlocky X-rated horror film. But when Evil Dead was released in 1981, its gore and wit garnered it a cult following, amassing box office earnings of $2.4 million in the U.S. and over $29 million worldwide. Its success led to several sequels, a stage musical, and cult fame for its writer-director and its star, Bruce Campbell.

Now, 28 years later, Raimi, Campbell and producer Robert Tapert plan to re-release the film in theaters. In 2010, the creators and Grindhouse Pictures will offer midnight showings of the cult classic at select Landmark theaters in the U.S., Mayfair Cinema in Canada, and more venues will be announced after the first of the year.

The always unconventional Campbell has this to say about the release: “Nothing can prepare an audience for what they are about to see, because nothing punishes an audience like Evil Dead — especially on the big screen. I’m really glad it’s back. People are gonna be hurt.”

Posted on: 10-24-09 10:29 AM     Posted by: Excelsior[DDZ]


A Borderlands section has been added to the forum. Feel free to use it and setup games and discuss Borderlands. Also check the Ventrilo status to the right to see if people are actively playing.

Get on my horse!
Posted on: 10-23-09 04:30 AM     Posted by: Excelsior[DDZ]


I guarantee this song will get stuck in your head. Click HERE for the full effect.

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