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Aluminum Door Locks/Valve Caps 06/13/2008

These are aluminum valve caps and door locks. A matching set all around.

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Angel Eye Lights 07/07/2008

Angel Eye lights by Advanced Automotive Concepts. Apparently there was a wire missing from my original shipment and I will be getting that wire with the replacement light that I broke during install. These pics show the routing I did for the wiring to the fog lights.

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Antenna 06/13/2008

This is the Antenna from the European Opel GT that I ordered from GM Parts Direct.

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Badge Fusebox 06/13/2008

I have relocated the badges from the rear of the car to the fusebox cover under the hood. Plus the GM chicklet on the front of it.

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Customer Rear Window 06/02/2008

My custom vinyl back window. I know its not here yet.

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De-Badged 06/01/2008

This is how I debadged the car.

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De-Chickleted 06/01/2008

This is how I removed the GM chicklets.

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Plate Frame 05/31/2008

My titanium plate frame. Never seen another one yet!

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SilverStar Bulbs 06/01/2008

SilverStar turn signal lights. These are the 3157 that I had modified to work in place of the 3757 that were not created at the time. They work and therefore were not in need of replacement with the actual now available 3757.

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Tinted Windows 06/13/2008

This is Madico 35% tint that installed myself. Cost $16 + time and aggravation.

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